In August 1914 Bronislaus was call-up again to Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr.2 but this time as a reservist. He joined to the Königlich Preussisches 2nd Reserve Kompanie II (II Bataillon) Pionier Bataillon Nr.2 this unit was a part of the 3rd Reserve Division.

The 3rd Reserve Division (3. Reserve-Division) was a reserve infantry division of the Imperial German Army in World War I. It was formed on mobilization in August 1914 from reserve infantry units primarily from Pomerania – II Army Corps. The division served from the beginning of the war until early 1917 on the Eastern Front, after which it was transferred to the Western Front. On the Esten Front the 3rd Reserve Division was part of the 8th Army (Hindenburg).

In August 1914 the 3rd Reserve Division consisted of:


Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 2
[Garrisons: Stettin (Szczecin), Stralsund, Anklam]

Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 9
[Garrisons: Swinemünde (Świnoujście), Belgard (Białogard), Stargard]


Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 34
[Garrisons: Schneidemühl (Piła), Deutsch Krone (Wałcz), Neustettin (Szczecinek)]

Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 49
[Garrisons:Gnesen (Gniezno), Hohensalza (Inowrocław), Bromberg (Bydgoszcz)]


Reserve-Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 5

Reserve-Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 3

2.Reserve-Kompanie/Pommersches Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 2
[Garisson: Stettin (Szczecin)]

During the war composition of the 3rd Reserve Division kept changing, but 2.Reserve-Kompanie of the Pommersches Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 2 was for whole war part of 3rd Reserve Division.

More could be found here:

Combat route of 3rd Reserve Division

The Soldbuch

Nationale des Buchinhabers (personal data of the book’s owner)

1. Vor und (name) Bronislaus
Familiennamen (surname) Kubasik
geboren am (born on) 6.10.1889
zu (in) Witkowo
Verwaltungsbezirk (district) Witkowo
Bundesstaat (federal state) Prussia

2. Der Eltern (the parents)
a)Stand (state) Bäckergeselle (bakery owner, journeyman baker)
b)Vor und (name) Walentin
c)Familiennamen (surname) Kubasik
d)Wohnort (place of residence) Gnesen
e)Verwaltungsbezirk (district) Gnesen

3. Religion Kath (catholic)

4. Stand oder Gewerbe (estate or trade) Maurer (bricklayer)

5. Verheiratet seit (married since) 18.6.1915
mit (to) Weronika geb. Fischer (Weronika Fischer)
der Ehefrau Wohnort (the wife residence) Gnesen
Verwaltungsbezirk (district) Dalkerstr. 22 – under the name of the first street there is a name of other street visible (pencil writing in the brackets) (Gerberstr.7)
hat (has) 1 (erased, corrected) to 2 Kinder

This page was correceted several times.

6. Tag des Eintritts is das in das stehende Heer: (day of the entrance into the regularly army) 1910
beim (where) Pion.Batl.2
der Wiedereintrits (re-entry) 4.8.14 – Bronislaus re-entered the army on 4 August 1914

7. Ist Inhaber folgender Orden und Ehrenzeichchen: (the owner holds the Orders and Decorations) E.Kr.II Kl. – Eisern Kreuze II Klasse

8. Personal-Beschreibung des Inhabers: (personal describe of the holder)
Größe (size) 1M. 73.5cm
Gestalt (shape) kräftig (strong)
Kinn (chin) gew (gewöhnlich – usual)
Nase (nose) gew (gewöhnlich – usual)
Mund (mouth) gew (gewöhnlich – usual)
Haar (hair) dunkelbld dunkel blond (dark blonde)
Bart (beard, mustache) NONE
Besondere Kennzeichen: (special features) NONE

Stiefel: (boot) Länge (length) 31.5 Weite (width) 4
Ausgefertigt (prepared)
Supy am (at the) 11.5.15 – 11 May 1915

Location of the village Supy

Location of the village Supy


The 3rd Reserve Division during the period from February to August 1915 was engaged in the trench warfare between Lomsha (Łomża) and Osowiec. The Supy village is located exactly on the line between Lomsha and Fortress Osowiec, that means Bronislaus’ pioneer unit in 11 May 1915 was stationed there.

Inhaber hat zu empfangen: (holder needs to receive)
Feldbesoldung monatlich 15,90 M (payments per month 15,90 Mark)
hat 7,10 M Putzzeuggeld erhalten (received 7,10 Mark for cleaning materials)

3 mal gegen Typhus u (und) (3 times against Typhoid and)
4.1.15 (4.1.1915)
12.1.15 (12.1.1915)
28.1.15 (28.1.1915)
2 mal gegen Cholera geimpft (2 times vaccinated against Cholera)
18.12.14 (18.12.1914)
27.12.14 (27.12.1914)

Assist. Arzt.

geimpft: (vaccinated)
8.6.15 Cholera (8.6.1915 Cholera)
14.9.15 Typhus (14.9.15 Typhoid)
7.10.15 Typhus (7.10.15 Typhoid)
4.10.15 Cholera (7.10.15 Cholera)

Am 13.2.16 gegen Cholera geimpft
(on 13.2.1916 vaccinated against Cholera)
(Doctor signature)
Assist. Arzt. den 7/10
Typhusimpfung am 16.6.17 (typhoid vaccination on 16.6.1917)

Ist gelöhnt bis Ende September 18. (Has received payments until end of September 1918)
verpflegt bis einschl. (einschließlich) 22/9 18 (catered for until including 22/9 1918)
Hüter/Feldw (Feldwebel – Sergeant)

A close-up of the page 4 of the Bronislaus soldbuch. The unit stamp is visble very well.

War beurlaubt (was on leave)
von 26.6.–9.7.16. (from 26.6.–9.7.1916)

Gasmaske Größe 2 (gas maske size 2)

16/12.16 Köpfen san. (saniere?) – (16/12 1916 Head rehabilitate…)

Heimaturlaub vom (home leave from)
16.5.–12.6.17 (16.5.-12.7.1917)

Beurlaubt vom Res.-Laz. 1 (leave of absence from Reserve Hospital Nr. 1)
in Hannover (in Hanover)
vom 7/11 bis 20/11 18 (from 7/11 to 20/11 1918)
mit Gebührnissen u (und) Freifahrscheinen versehen (has received fees and tickets)
Grund Erholungsurlaub (reason: rest leave)

Unfortunately I cannot read all the pencil writing (below information about the gas mask size). Maybe somebody will help me?? The only thing I managed to read is: Köpfen san. (saniere??) – Head rehabilitate…??





(Pages22 i 23) Bronislaus army coupons

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