July 25th, 2010

In this part I will try to describe the clothing and equipment that Bronislaus could have and use during War. In english terminology word “Pionier” means “Engineer”.

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July 18th, 2010

Based on the “Soldbuch” and piece of “Schein zur… ” (Receipt of stay in hospital) information, Branislaus was twice in the hospital, both visits were in 1918. He spent the end of the War in a hospital.

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May 16th, 2010

In August 1914 Bronislaus was call-up again to Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr.2 but this time as a reservist. He joined to the Königlich Preussisches 2nd Reserve Kompanie II (II Bataillon) Pionier Bataillon Nr.2 this unit was a part of the 3rd Reserve Division.

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May 3rd, 2010

Bronislaus recruit service began in Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr.2 in October 1910 – Bronislaus had then 21 years old. He served between 1910 – 1912 in the 3rd Kompanie Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr.2 – Koen. Pr. Ingenieur-Corps. View at Picasa  

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May 1st, 2010

On 1 April 1904 Bronislaus started studying in Handwerkskammer schule (Crafts school) in Bromberg to become a “bricklayer for Gnesen” (für maurer zu Gnesen). During this study he was already working as an apprentice bricklayer in Gnesen. (See post: Bronislaus Kubasik)

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April 12th, 2010

Bronislaus Kubasik (Bronisław Kubasik) – son of Walentin Kubasik and Walentina Kubasik (nee Ołtarzewska). Born on the 6 of October 1889 in Witkowo, district Gnesen (Gniezno), former Imperial Germany. Baptized on 20 October same year in Witkowo. Bronislaus’ godparents were Jan Kubasik and Teofila Mąkowska. View at Picasa   A close up of the Witkowo […]

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