Prussian Einheits (Universal) Pioneer Krätzchen.

After a long time I have finally found a field cap that belonged to a pioneer from Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr. 2 from Stettin. It is a universal (Einheitsmütze) krätzchen introduced in 1917 and used till the end of the war in November 1918.

There are numerous stamps visible on the cap lining. After the WWI the cap was used by Reichswehr which is indicated by date 1922. The other stamps: ‘Kostiumfundus’ might on the other hand indicate that later the cap was given to the theatre magazine.

However the most important for me is the marking P.B.2 and poorly visible B.A.II with date 1918 or 1919 together with the material label of the owner – Unteroffizier Gadow, Brückenkol.2.Pion-B. In addition there is a stamp Br. Kol. II that points at II Brücken-kolonie .

When bought, the cap was without front cockades but I have managed to find original Prussian and Imperial German ones and replace the missing elements. The cap is in a very small size and one of the previous owners enlarged it at the rear.