Pre-war infantry Waffenrock model 1895 from 22 Infantry Regiment

As it was previously explained at field artillery Waffenrock, before 1914 core of the Imperial German army still worn dark blue Waffenrock’s. Introduced here waffenrock belonged to the infantryman from Infanterie Regiment “Keith” (1. Oberschlesisches) Nr. 22, cuffs ended with the Brandenburg style – characteristic to almost all infantry regiments (with some exceptions).

The button on the shoulder strap designates the 10th company, what is also confirmed on the lining. The last three buttons has the leather reinforced this feature was characteristic to issued Waffenrocks.

The Waffenrock lining has visible various unit stamps indicated three different regiments:

Infanterie-Regiment Keith (1. Oberschlesisches) Nr.22
3. Oberschlesisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.62
Schlesisches Train-Bataillon Nr. 6

All these regiments were garrisoned in Silesia and were part of the VI Army Corps of the Imperial German Army.

Interesting on that Waffenrock is stamp of the Tr.6., which indicates Schlesisches Train-Bataillon Nr. 6, stationed in Breslau. The main reason of that is fact that the Train unit’s has light blue sleeves ended in the Swedish type as well as the light blue colour of shoulder straps background.

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