Prussian Dunkelblau Waffenrock model 1895 from 3 Field Artillery Regiment

A soldier uniform (Waffenrock) model 1895 belonging to a artilleryman from Feldartillerie Regiment General-Feldzeugmeister (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr.3. This is a typical artillery uniform used in the Imperial German Army before 1907, when the “Field-gray” uniform (feldgrau Waffenrock) was introduced. By 1907 the German Army wore “Dunkelblau Waffenrock” uniforms. The name comes from the colour of dark blue uniforms intended for infantry and artillery, but it was used for the whole group of the uniforms from 1842 to 1907.

The presented uniform has a typical (for the artillery and pioneer units) black collar and cuffs ending in the Swedish style, red piping and gilt buttons. The red shoulder strap, yellow artillery grenade and number 3 indicate the 3 Field Artillery Regiment, which was garrisoned in Brandenburg and was a part of the III Army Corps of the Imperial German Army.

The Waffenrock lining has a visible manufacturer stamp as well as the regiment stamp AR 18 3B 1900 which indicates 3 Battery of the 18 Field Artillery Regiment and the issue date 1900. The marks on the uniform lining and the shoulder strap are different and point at two different regiments: Feldartillerie Regiment General-Feldzeugmeister (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr.3 and Feldartillerie Regiment General-Feldzeugmeister (2. Brandenburgisches) Nr.18.

The interesting fact is that both those regiments belonged to the III Army Corps – Berlin. Therefore it could be assumed that the Waffenrock was received by an artilleryman from 18 Field Artillery Regiment in the year 1900 and after that it was taken by 3 Field Artillery Regiment. This probably happened as an internal exchange in the III Army Corps or between artillery regiments. There are visible size markings H 42, B 96, L 86 (High, Width and Length).

2 Responses to “Prussian Waffenrock from 3 Field Artillery Regiment”

  1. Wiesler says:

    I am glad to see this article since I got an original uniform of same version(blue collar and Sweden cuffs).
    Where was this uniform specifically applied on?

  2. Wiesler says:

    By the way, I noticed that my collar is not the same.
    My collar and cuffs are blue as well as other parts of the uniform.

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