The Pomeranian II Army Corps had its polygon very close to the headquarters in Stettin. It was located in Kreckow (Krzekowo) north of Stettin and today is a district of the city of Stettin (Szczecin). The polygon was founded in 1862 and since that time served Kaiserlische Imperial Army as a place of drills to new recruits.

In the years 1900-1909 next to the Kreckow polygon an airport (Kreckower Feld) was formed. Interesting fact is that probably in 1909 on the Kreckower Feld the Wright brothers made one of their first flights.

Members of Füsilier Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden (Pommersches) Nr. 34 posing on a background of the barracks in Kreckow.

The Truppenübungsplatz Kreckow (Poligon na Krzekowie) was a place were soldiers from the Pomerania district practiced and trained their skills. Prussians built there 10 barracks and stables. There was also a standing shooting were the comrades practiced eye accuracy.

According to the Kleines Schieß-Buch just on the Truppenübungsplatz Kreckow in years 1910-1912 Bronislaus Kubasik, as a member of 3 Company of Pomm. Pionier. Batl. Nr 2, had several rounds of the standing shooting training. I suppose he spent a couple of weeks in Kreckow where he was prepared to be a Prussian pioneer.
In 10-13 Septemper 1911 the great manoeuvres took place in Kreckow. The special guests of the event were Kaiser Wilhelm II and Queen Victoria of Sweden. Bronislaus and his company probably attended them too.

During the Great War 1914-1918 Prussian Army used Truppenübungsplatz in Kreckow(Krekow) for training newly formed units of the district of Pomerania. The barracks located in Kreckow were now in use for every day of the year.
These barracks housed several Resreve Regiments and Regimants of Landwehr and Landsturm created in 1914

Another postcard shows a group of Prussian soldiers from an unidentified regiment during a meal on a background one of the barracks. Photo dated June 1914.

Another postcard was sent from Kreckow by Fusilier Reinhold Ritzkowski from 2nd Company, II Reserve Battalion, 34 Fusiliers Regiment name of Queen Victoria of Sweden. Photo taken on the background of military training barracks in Krekow (Kreckow bei Stettin)

Next two postcards shows members of 2nd Abteilung of 3 Ersatz Machine Gun Unit belonging to the Infanterie Regiment Nr. 42 name of Prince Moritz von Anhalt-Dessau (5 Poommersches). Second postcards presents probably a group of Landwehr – Artilleryman. The three soldiers on the front row holding a plate with the inscription: 1912 Landwehr Übung Krekow.

It took several months to find next group of postcards from the the Kreckow polygon.

First postcard presents Fusiliers from 5 Korporalschaft Füsilier-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden (Pommersches) Nr. 34. One of the above photos show 13 Korporalschaft of that Regiment.

A group of Grenadiers from Grenadier Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1. Pommersches) Nr. 2 posing on a background of the Kreckower’s barracks. Soldiers wearing overcoats model 1915.

General view on the barracks of Truppenübungsplatz Kreckow. Postcard sent before the Great War began.

On the next photo there is a Landsturman Josef Smorczynski from 4 Company of II Ersatz Lands. Füsilier Regiment. Photo taken in Kreckow polygon.

Another photo presents an unidentified unit posing somewhere in Kreckow. Postcard dated 21 June 1916. Judging by the age it could a Landsturm unit. Postcard signed by “Fritz”.

Next two postcards are related to the “Maschinengewehre Waffenmeister Kursus” which took places in 1918 in Stettin.

Group photo of the 2 Ersatz Maschinen-Gewehre Kompagine. The postcard is described 2 Ers. M.G.K, 2 Armeekorps, Krekow b/ Stettin, Baracke 22.

Next is portrait photo presented soldier form Grenadier Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Nr. 2. The postcard is signed Gern. Regim. 2, 2 Ersatz Battl. 1 Komp. 2 Abt. Krekow b/ Stettin.

Another postcard is very interesting and shows a carriage. Visible are also two soldiers, which uniforms indicates for Cuirassiers. The back side stamped ERSATZ PFERDE DEPOT II ARMEE – KORPS.

Four artillerymen posing on the background of “Kreckower’s” barracks. Postcard dated 30 September 1914, letter wrote in Polish language.

Members of the 8th company of Infanterie Regiement Nr. 42 in Kreckow, year 1914.

Another group photo of the 2 Ersatz Maschinen-Gewehre Kompagine, 6 Abteilung. Postcard dated 17 November 1917.

A very interesting postcard presenting a fully equipped grenadier from form Grenadier Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Nr.2. Postacrd dated 22nd February 1916.

Three young soldiers from unidentified infantry regiment posing on a background of the barracks.

210th Reserve Infantry Regiment photographed on a Kreckower’s polygon.

2nd Company, II Reserve Battalion of 2nd Grenadier Regiment. Note that the uniforms are Landsturm uniforms. Postcard dated 25th of April 1917.

Group photo III Abteilung, 3rd Reserve Maschinen-Gewehre Kompagine. Photo taken in the New Year,1st of January, 1918 at Kreckow. Note for the pre-war blue uniforms. On the shoulder boards visible is number 42 indicated 42nd Infantry Regiment.

Great photo of IV Abteilung, 2nd Reserve Maschinen-Gewehre Kompagine on the courtyard of the Kreckow polygon. Postcard dated on October 1917.

Another photo related with the Maschinengewehre Kursus which took a place in Kreckow.

Photo of 7 Korporolshaft, Rekruten Depot of Füsilier-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden (Pommersches) Nr. 34. Postcard sent 22nd of March 1915.

Another photo of the same group of fusiliers from z 7 Korporolshaft, Fus. Regt Nr. 34. This time they are wearing a “feldgrau” uniform model 1910, which indicated close trip to the front. Postcard dated 1st September 1915.

A group photo of 10 Korporolshaft, Rekruten Depot, Füsilier-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden (Pommersches) Nr. 34 at the front of the Wilhem I monument placed in Kreckow.

Stettin-Kreckow, Baracken. Postcard dated 20 September 1905.

A general view on the one of the barracks in Kreckow. Postcard sent by a fusilier from Fusilier Regiment Nr. 34 in 1915.

Four soldiers from 2 Korporalschaft, II Ersatz Bataillon of Füsilier-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden (Pommersches) Nr. 34 wearing a working jackets. Postcard dated 12 February 1916

A group of soldiers from undefined regiment posing at the front of the barracks, February 1916.

Two soldiers from Rekruten Depot, Ersatz Bataillon of Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 49.

Unidentified regiment photographed on the polygons courtyard waiting for a meal.

Unknown place on the polygon, postcard signed 3 Ersatz, Maschinen-Gewehre Kompagine Regt.42, Kreckow b. Stettin.

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    My great grandfather served in the Prussian Army during the Franco-Prussian War. I have very little information on his serves in the Prussian Army. He was born in 1852 Kreckow, Prussia, and immigrated to the United States in 1888. Any idea on how I can obtain information on my great grand father’s serves in the Prussian Army?

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