Field-grey twill trousers

In order to protect a field uniform special work tunics were in use. They consisted of a jacket (Drillichjacke) and trousers (Drillichhose) made ​​of grey linen-twill (Leinen-Drillich) most often worn on the uniform during fields and heavy duty works. Jackets for NCOs were slightly different from the soldiers one. Due to the deterioration of the colour since 1915 working tunics were dyed in “field-grey” colour.

In terms of design the work trousers were the same as the field trousers (Tuchhose). However, they did not have the side piping and buttons were made mostly of zinc. They had side pockets and a watch pocket on the right side.

The rear fastener, which typically was formed of a buckle in this case was converted into a button. This was probably the owner’s idea to tailor the trousers more to his shape.

Inside of the trousers the following stamp is visible: ‘105.F.St. 1C’ – which I interpret as 1 company of the 105 Foot Artillery Battery?

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