Something about the history of P.B 2, pioneer uniforms and also what was happening in the barracks at the Körnerstraße….

History of Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr. 2

German Pioneer Uniforms 1871-1918

Barracks at Körnerstraße

In that part of my collection I would like to present everything so far, I managed to find about the Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr. 2. Systematically I will be trying to add new findings related to Pomeranian pioneers. In addition, you will find here information about the Polygon in Kreckow (Truppenübungsplatz Kreckow b.Stettin) on which the II Army Corps including the engineers practiced theirs drill.

Pommersches Pionier Reservists 1908-1910

Mining Company of Pomm.Pion.Batl. Nr.2

Pommersches Pion.Batl. Nr.2 Postcards

Pommersches Pioneer Pickelhaube model 1895

2 P.B Shoulder Strap (M15)

2 P.B Shoulder Strap (Pre-War)

Pommersches Pion.Batl. Nr.2 Krätchen

Pommersches Pion.Batl. Nr.2 Badge

Truppenübungsplatz Kreckow (Stettin)

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  1. Marco says:

    Hallo Sir, pleased to meet you. I’m an italian medical doctor, I’m working on a publication about german WW1 rebreathers (Draeger Tubben- HSS Geraet..). I found here ( one of your wartime photos: I’d like to know if you own also other photos about german “selbstretter”, or even original devices, and if may I ask you for your publishing permission. Hope to hear from you soon, With best regards

  2. David says:

    Dear Sir

    On my quest in finding out more about the prussian pioniers in the 1815 campaign against France, I stumbled on your website. Would it be possible for you to help me out in providing some data on the where abouts of this unit in 1815?
    Hoping to hear from you

I would be happy to hear from you

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